International Law Weekend - West

Every other year the American Branch holds International Law Weekend-West. 

International Law Weekend-West 2016 took place January 29, 2016, at Brigham Young University Law School in Provo, Utah. The theme for the conference was International Law in a Divided World.

"We live in a divided world. States and nonstate actors cooperate with and combat each other, including on the cyber frontier. International organizations like the International Criminal Court are accused of pursuing their missions along disturbing lines. The President contends with Congress. Secularism contends with religion. Many have; more have not. In the midst of these divisions, what role can international law play? What role should it play? 

As reflected in the International Law Weekend - West (2016) program, panels, roundtable discussions, and keynotes addressed issues such as income inequality, international arbitration, corruption, the European migration crisis and more. 



Conference Organizer

International Law Weekend - West (2016) was organized by BYU Law Professor David H. Moore, Wayne M. and Connie C. Hancock Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs at Brigham Young University's J. Reuben Clark Law School

Prof. Moore is a scholar of U.S. foreign relations law, international law, and international human rights. His articles have appeared in the Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern, and UCLA law reviews, among others. He has taught U.S. Foreign Relations Law, International Law, International Human Rights, Civil Procedure and Legal Scholarship.