International Law Weekend - 2020

International Law Weekend 2020

American Branch of The International Law Association


ILW 2020 is scheduled to be held virtually on October 22-24, 2020.

The theme of ILW 2020 is International Law in Challenging Times, as follows.

From shifting political alliances to changing trade and economic relations, the world around us is undergoing profound transformations. The backlash against globalization has resulted in increased suspicion of multilateralism – and escalating populism. Yet, the world is more interconnected than ever. Our economic system relies on interconnectivity. To stop the spread of the coronavirus and address climate change, international coordination is paramount. What is the role of international law in this changing and often contradictory world? What could and should international lawyers do? How can international institutions become more successful both at addressing the challenges facing them and in winning state and popular support?

ILW 2020 will explore these issues through a diverse collection of engaging and provocative panels. We expect the audience to include practitioners, academics, U.N. diplomats, business leaders, federal and state government officials, NGO leaders, journalists, students, and interested citizens. We plan to have a broad array of both public international law and private international law topics in each program time slot.

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ILW 2020 Program Committee Members:

Yvonne Dutton, Co-Chair

Chiara Giorgetti, Co-Chair

Tej Srimushnam, Co-Chair 


William Aceves

Pamela Bookman

Kristin Boon

Amity Boye

M. Imad Khan

David Nanopoulos

Victoria Sahani 

Nawi Ukabiala

Isavella Vasilogeorgi


Leila Sadat, ex officio

David Stewart, ex officio


Planning for ILW - 2020